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      At Abcepta, we understand the need for an antibody to perform the first and every time used. Having served the research and drug discovery community for over a decade, we understand the importance of in-house development in terms of product consistency, validation, and availability. In reality, the majority of commercial antibody suppliers outsource antibody development and production or license products from multiple sources. In these cases, it is difficult to monitor product quality and ensure product consistency.

      At Abcepta, the majority of our antibodies are produced in-house, and these antibodies undergo a rigorous validation process by Abcepta scientists. However, a number of our most important antibodies meet highly aggressive quality requirements. These products, and many more under review and development, are labeled with a "Crown."

      Products labeled with a "Crown"CROWN product

      Products labeled with a "Crown" meet stringent requirements in terms of specificity, sensitivity, and reproducibility.

      • All western blots show bands at the correct molecular weight, and any deviation or additional bands have been verified to be due to post translational modifications, isoforms, or cleavage products.
      • Results are supported by peer reviewed literature and/or by the most relevant bioinformatics sites, i.e. Human Protein Atlas.
      • Many of these products are validated and optimized in additional applications including immunofluorescence and subcellular localization is verified using peer reviewed literature.
      • New lots are verified to perform as well or better than the previous lots in each application and species tested.
      THANK YOU for your business and we wish you all the best with your research!