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      Antibodies for Cancer Research

      Foundational characteristics of cancer include proliferation, angiogenesis, migration, evasion of apoptosis, and cellular immortality. Additional strategies — commandeering energy metabolism and evading the immune system — contribute to the resistance of cancer to treatment. Cancer cells achieve these goals via regulation of a highly complex network of signals controlled by the expression, location, and modification of proteins in specific cellular pathways. At Abcepta, we serve the cancer research community by designing and manufacturing the highest quality antibodies to these cancer targets. Such antibodies are instrumental to the study of basic cancer biology that can lead to new discoveries in the battle against these devastating diseases. Alongside our products, our team of cell biologists and bioinformaticians develop free tools to assist laboratory scientists as they pioneer new cancer research. These include our Oncogene Expression Reference Guide, and our Autophagy Receptor Motif Plotter, an online tool for identification of binding sites related to the autophagy pathway, a significant contributor to the development of specific cancers.